Pitchfork Records & Stereo

 Store Reviews

 5/21/2012 "I always stop into Pitchfork to check out their movies selection. They're almost always 1/2 off used DVDs, and you never know what you'll find. The music selection is pretty wide too, with plenty of both new and used CDs, tapes, and vinyl. They've also got stereo equipment, though the only equipment I ever bought was an old LaserDisc player that works swell." ​ ​  8/2/2012 "I've been here several times since moving 3 months ago & theres a large selection of new & used CD's. There's also a cassettes & a small vinyl section that look's to be mostly new. Of course there's the usual supplie's & several turntable's available. What bring's it all togethere for me is the service. Very helpful & friendly & more than happy to help you find exactly what your looking for." ​ 
1/3/2012 ​"This is a good place to pass through when you are in downtown Concord. The used DVDs are in back and you sometimes find a gem. They have a great selection of music - maybe none better in NH. Well worth a trip on its own, this store is across the street from an excellent movie theater and a nice bookstore. Makes a nice afternoon visit for shopping. Cheers."

7/11/2013 ​Always a great selection of vinyl. Owner has always been pleasant with us even-though we come in with two rowdy kids. Very few mom and pop record shops still around. We try to buy local when we can.

7/5/2013  ​Great store has a good collection of bands of today and yesterday.  Service is great always friendly and helpful.  I go there often with my brother and they almost always have what we're looking for.  Also the T-Shirts are really cool. If you're in Concord and looking for a place to get CDs,records,DVDs,ECT go here.