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Take 1/2 off all used DVDs 

We have a great collection of used DVDs and can also special order films overnight! 

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Pitchfork has been open for 40 years and has helpful staff members who strive to provide excellent customer service. Come in or call 603-224-6700 and we will find whatever item you are looking for! 

We sell awesome custom made t-shirts! 


"My goal is to be with the music. I just dedicate my whole life to this art." 

-Jimi Hendrix

Concord's Finest selection of new and used vinyl, cds, dvds and cassettes! 

We buy and sell LP's, CD's, 45's and DVD's! Check out our wonderful selection of new releases and rare items. We also sell stereo equiptment, stereo accessories, music t-shirts, posters, stickers and turntables!!



Now buying collections of vinyl!

(Vinyl must be in good shape)
Please call Pitchfork Records at (603) 224-6700 for more information

Tommy Shaw from Styx stopped by to check out some vinyl at Pitchfork!!  

Pre-order the OCT 28th Re-Issue Release of Led Zeppelin's Albums IV and Houses of the Holy 

at Pitchfork Records! 

Special pricing available - Please call (603) 224-6700